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Chris Hancock

Chris has been tattooing for over 10 years, having self taught himself the basics before gaining a space in a busy town studio, then opening and co-owning his own studio for a few years.

A degree level electrical engineer with an almost robot-like memory, he is one of the weirdest gimps I have ever met. Don’t worry, this guy can tattoo but fuck me you better bring some ear plugs because he has a voice like a foghorn. His claim to fame is a small but memorable part in World War Z, starring opposite the God Brad Pitt as a zombie wearing a white doctor’s coat at the end of the film when Brad finds out how to save the world. His interests are varied, including shrieking, twitching, jaffa cakes, being bald and spending money on his motorbike that he never ever rides. He has soiled himself a number of times since being at the studio and hardly ever makes anyone a cup of tea. A cunt of the highest order.

Perfect in my studio. He has changed a lot since working at Roadhouse and has never had it so good working with The Legend. I have had to help him with his footwear choices and pretty much developed him from a total mongtard to a reasonably functioning human being.

He has a couple of restraining orders around a local farmyard and nursery but we should all learn from our mistakes and move on. Live and let live I say, it is what it is. Now tattooing full time at Roadhouse. (But manages to fit it into part time hours) Bellendzedeek.

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