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Welcome to Roadhouse Tattoo Studio, Derby

We pride ourselves in maintaining the highest standards of professional behaviour and tattooing, and welcome everyone into the studio, no matter the size of the tattoo required.

Actually, that is complete bollocks. We only care about your tattoo being exactly what you ask for and expect, but we ask you to be open minded towards our sense of humour and disgraceful swearing.

Ben has been in the business nearly 20 years and has seen nearly all of what this trade has to offer in terms of both the people that get tattoos and the people that put them on. Nothing will shock us. The sights, the sounds, the smells. This studio is not a place for ego or attitude, shit shoes or Nike trainers. Fucking Nike trainers. The footwear of the car thief, the drug dealer, the general bokker.

Any disrespectful behaviour towards an artist will not be tolerated and for many years now Ben has been hiding penises in the tattoos of people that have behaved badly towards him or the studio. Adidas trainers are the preferred casual footwear for visiting us, anything else will be ridiculed. Without mercy.

Clients are positively encouraged to enter into the often disturbing topics discussed in the studio and the horrific level of abuse floating between artists and customer. Regular clients are also encouraged to pull their weight and make drinks for everyone, and many have become feeders, resulting in the loss of Ben’s incredible physique and washboard stomach. The fridge and cupboards are nearly always full of junk food, there is always tea and coffee available and plenty of whiskey too since Ben is a teetotaller and doesn’t touch the stuff.

Please look through the website, Lord knows it took an age to sort out and I have probably died before this is online, but if you are easily offended, don’t carry on from here, and if you do, don’t say you weren’t warned! Thank you for looking, and thank you to all of our clients, past, present and hopefully future, for keeping us in a “job” that after so long I still love and actually do take seriously. Sometimes…. ​


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213 Derby Rd, Chellaston
Derby, DE73 5SE


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213 Derby Rd, Chellaston Derby, DE73 5SE

213 Derby Rd, Chellaston Derby, DE73 5SE
01332 691344


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