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Welcome to the Roadhouse Tattoo Studio

Computers have never been my strong point, but here it is, finally, fully functioning and full of the weird and wonderful workings of my mind.

Remember, Tattoos are for adults, so expect a few adult themes. People of nervous disposition, weak consitution or generally lack a sense of humour should tread carefully.


I base my rates on the other studios in the area. I do this because I have always found it difficult to blindly charge a set fee. Some tattoos may take 5 minutes, but a minimum charge of £20 will be applied, but the more work you have, the more you will be looked after.

Sometimes a session may take a lot of time, but we may not actually get much ink in. I prefer to charge you for actual tattooing and the price will reflect the size, time taken and difficulty of the job. I always say "bring as much as you have got, borrow as much as you can and steal a little bit more".

This usual covers it.

That all depends on how long the tattoo takes to complete. Sometimes a large but simple piece can be quicker to do than a small but intricate design. Also, some areas of the body can be more time consuming to tattoo than others.

Please bring more money than you think you'll need. We are both very fair with our pricing but don't take us for fools. Be aware that if you haven't enough and intend to "drop it in later", we may well be acting reasonably to your face, but as you shut the door behind you, we will be slagging you off and you temporarily put yourself in the category of those scutters that think it funny to not return after leaving without paying in full.

There are still a few out there, but remember this. Karma is all around, and you might just get chlamydia. And you would deserve it. Or syphilis. And you can die from that shit. So just bring your fucking money!

Oh really. How often do you go shopping, get to checkout and say to the person behind the cash register, "Oh, I’ll be back next week with the money". You do it a lot do you? Well here's the deal. Do it where you like but not with me. Why on earth would you go somewhere that will require a payment for goods or services, without any money?

So bring plenty.

You can either pay by credit card or cash. Here are the cards we accept:

Cash, sweets, cash, chocolate, guns and cash.


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