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Welcome to the Roadhouse Tattoo Studio

Computers have never been my strong point, but here it is, finally, fully functioning and full of the weird and wonderful workings of my mind.

Remember, Tattoos are for adults, so expect a few adult themes. People of nervous disposition, weak consitution or generally lack a sense of humour should tread carefully.


Yes. But not as much as you probably imagine. It is different for everybody and can be different each time you have a tattoo. Depending on the size and the area of your body you have the tattoo.

That all depends on how long the tattoo takes to complete. Sometimes a large but simple piece can be quicker to do than a small but intricate design. Also, some areas of the body can be more time consuming to tattoo than others. You can find out more information on our pricing page.

I would suggest you are not ready for a tattoo. We are talking about marking yourself for life. Don't just have a tattoo on a whim. You will probably regret it. It's almost as stupid as saying "Im thinking of cutting my thumb off, or maybe my big toe".

Absolutely fuckin not.

Because I hate kids in tattoo studios. There is nothing for them to do, leaving inevitably to them becoming restless and noisy.

When you don't discipline them, I sit tattooing you imagining putting them into blenders. Feel free to let your kids run around at home, or in a playgroup or on a busy road. Climbing all over the place, screaming, dribbling, crying etc. Just don’t bring them in whilst being tattooed. It really annoys a tattooist, but most won't tell you.

You cannot give the kids the attention they deserve and I cannot concentrate whilst thoughts of dangling your kid in a pool of sharks that have not eaten for days.

Just for those who are still unclear. I hate kids in tattoo studios. It is for your and their own good for them to stay away. I do not go to nursery to do my work and I do not want the nursery to come to me. Rant over!

I’m happy for you to do both, but just not in my studio.

Yes. But each job has to be assessed before it can be started. Not many can be sorted on the phone. A visit to the studio is essential. Please do not expect the unreasonable. The bigger and darker the tattoo you have to cover, the bigger the tattoo will have to be to cover it.

Please be aware it is often a very time consuming exercise and depending on the difficulty of the job, the effectiveness of the cover-up will or may not be seen after the first sitting.

No. Don't like them. Don't use them.

Find out more on our pricing page.

I decided when I finally set up my own studio that I was not going to have flash display racks on the walls. The best flash reference available is your imagination, the internet, library or books.

I want you to bring your ideas to me and between us we will sort out an original design. Why pick something that 100's of other people can pick too? Imitation is flattery, but let's try and put a twist on your idea. You're probably not David Beckham or Cheryl Cole. Be inspired by other peoples work, but don't flatly copy them. Years ago, we were all tattooing Beckham's angel on men’s backs. Now we're all covering them up.

Sometimes. It can depend on size, age and location. It is always best to pop in and let me see the area before giving a definitive answer.

This is a bit of a silly question. You don't ask me what clothes to wear, what colour carpet to have in your house or what car you drive, but you are happy to let me pick what will be permanent feature in your life.

I prefer to tell you if I think something is a bad idea, and will offer advice as long as you give me your ideas and spend some time thinking about your tattoo. It is very important, not just for you, but for me, that you will be happy with what you get tattooed.

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